Feeding our Community - Promoting Self-Sufficiency
Tuesday, April 14, 2009
Corvallis-Benton County Public Library Meeting Room
Co-sponsored by
The Corvallis League of Women voters
The Library

The speakers were

Dan Sundseth, USDA, will give insight into the present status of mid-valley agriculture, its potential for feeding our local population, and the impact of federal and state laws

James Cassidy, OSU Soil Science Department, will tell us what sustainable agriculture means for our soil structure, our local food supply, our heath

Joan Gross's topic is strengthening the local food system.  Joan, an OSU professor of anthropology, has been working in the area of local food sufficiency for many years

Jen Myers, Corvallis Environmental Center, will outline the many local Corvallis projects currently in operation or in the process. She is working on Farm to School and Garden Education

Audience members will have an opportunity to propose ideas as to how the League of Women Voters can work with local governments to increase local food production and security.

Ther will be a number of displays too -
Ten Rivers Food Web,
Ecumenical Ministries,
 Corvallis Environmental Center,
 the Food Action Teams.

You can click on a speaker and hear their talk as recorded as am MP3 file, right click to download the talk.

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