The Health and
Health Care

The U.S. health care crisis -  the problem of getting, and paying for, any health care at all  -   has distracted people from other truly interesting topics related to health.

 Topics such as new and old developments in the sciences of human biology and medicine; the history of health care, recent and ancient; considerations of new technology, and when low-tech remedies are appropriate and when high technology devices are called for; problems with the current systems and alternatives that other countries use; and developments in the delivery and practice of medicine and healing. We’ve developed a radio program that considers both health  and health care  using interviews with patients, practitioners, environmental scientists, labor leaders, anthropologists, and more.

Over the course of our series we’ll be talking in depth with diverse, interesting people about topics that we’re all grappling with.

Based in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, we believe that the program has much to offer people all over the state, and people everywhere.

A production of Roberta Hall
Recorded at Anabyte Recording and Electronics
Corvallis, OR

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