"Health— and Health Care Forum"
This series  aims to offer listeners insights from the lives and activities of many varied people concerning their health concepts and concerns about health care issues, not to rave and rant but to educate, inform, and entertain.
Some programs in the series will emphasize understanding health and disease, and some will emphasize health care and underlying or related societal issues. Other programs will  offer insights into the health care crisis,  how it came about and how we can solve it.
We’ll be talking to many people who’ll offer their experiences and their perspectives.
Some are health care professionals concerned with the quality of health care available to Americans in the early twenty-first century, and some are patients, and some are both. Others would like to be patients, but are shut out of the system, and some are turned off.  Some are academics.......or labor leaders.............. or parents, but they all have stories to tell, stories with personal drama, and impersonal facts.
In my 30 years of teaching about the anthropology of health, I learned that when it comes to discussions of past and present health – whether studied using ancient skeletal remains, world wide data bases, or observations at a modern health clinic – almost everyone finds something that resonates.
We hope that this series resonates with you.
Theme music,  composed by Laurie Childers and played by Laurie and Kent White, precedes the introduction and follows each program.

The Health and Health Care Forum is produced by Roberta Hall and recorded by Joe Magner at Anabyte Recording and Electronics in Corvallis.