Short bio, Roberta Hall, series organizer.

Roberta Hall's experiences include study and observations of health and health care.
Roberta's  bachelor degree is in journalism and literature from Indiana University.
She worked for two years as the librarian of a small hospital school of nursing (1964-6) before doing graduate study in anthropology. Graduate study included a research project with new mothers at a Salem hospital and working with the Marion County health department in a study with the Russian Old Believers.
From 1970 through 1974 she taught anthropology in British Columbia and enjoyed their health care system before moving to Oregon and developing courses in the anthropology of health at Oregon State University.
Roberta did a post-doc at the Connecticut Health Center; and worked with the Portland Area Indian Health Board and other groups on specific health problems.
Her long-time goal upon retirement was to work toward universal health care if it had not been achieved. In 2004, it had not, but a strong movement had begun (Health Care for All Oregon, and the local chapter of it, Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates) and she joined this movement.

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