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Links to the World

Good Radio Streams


NPR News Stream
 KCRW World News
or on a PC
or on an iPhone or iPad


Boomer Radio - The Acoustic Cafe
Boomer Radio - Christmas Music
Boomer Radio - Classic Mix
Boomer Radio - Cruisin' Oldies
Boomer Radio - Electric Eighties
Boomer Radio - All Hit Oldies
Boomer Radio - The Lush Life
Boomer Radio - Sizzlin' Seventies
Boomer Radio - Smooth Jazz Favorites
Boomer Radio - Soft Oldies
Boomer Radio - Sweet Soul Music
Boomer Radio - Vintage Rock

Indie Spectrum Radio


KCRW Music
on an iPhone or iPad
on a PC


KCRW Live (on a PC only?)


Local Food and Communities Links

Ten Rivers Food Web,
Ecumenical Ministries,
 Corvallis Environmental Center,
 the Food Action Teams.


Good Articles I Have Read

Excellent article from Scientific American  # 223  pp 102 - 109  1970

The Origin of Personality

Children differ in temperament from birth. What is the nature
of these temperamental differences, and how do they interact
with environmental influences in the formation of personality?

by Alexander Thomas, Stella Chess and Herbert G. Birch


Various Other Links